Squishies And Stress: What’s The Connection?

Here is a modern way to beat stress and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money for it. This stress buster is affordable, portable and dependable. It does not cost much hence you can afford an entire collection. You can take it anywhere, use it anywhere whether you are on a public transport. When you feel beat out, this stress reliever will take away your stress right away. It is called squishies or squishy toys. They are also known as stress relief toys, healing toys, squishy relief toys and more. They come in exciting designs like fruits, pastries, animals and pop culture characters.

How Much Does Squishy Sets/Package Cost?
A single squishy cost around $6 while a set/package of squishies starts at $10. A sweet squishy WSH Collection set costs around $10 or more. This set includes ten pieces of squishy donuts, ice cream, bread, crème and other delicious desserts. They are very cute and they are scented thus it feels like real treats. The materials used for the squishies are elastic and they measure from 4 to 10cm. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays. If you are doing giveaways at school or work, you should consider giving away these delectable treats.

How Does Squishies Beat Stress
It is more than just a toy for it can take away your stress instantly. It is very easy to use. You just hold the squishy and squeeze it gently for several minutes. It is actually a good exercise for the hands because it helps you practice grasping. If you are feeling a bit down, tired, and stressed, hold these squishies for awhile. These are absolutely addicting to squeeze and since they come in various designs, you would surely want to get the whole WSH Collection. Get your very own stress relief toy and get to save more when you order a whole set/package.


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